Achievement ISO14001. Euronutra Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Malaga – Spain. Euronutra achieves ISO 14001:2004

Euronutra is pleased to announce the ISO 14001:2004 certification of its facilities.
Customers are increasingly seeking out environmentally responsible products, customer services and operations.

This new ISO 14001 certification assures Euronutra’s customers that as a company we take a proactive approach to environmental compliance and protection, operating facilities that meet some of the highest environmental standards in our area.

ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard of the International Standard Organization that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an environmental management system (EMS). To meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, a company must implement an EMS that identifies and controls the company’s environmental impact, reduces the risk of pollution, ensures compliance with applicable regulations and commits the company to continual improvement of its environmental performance.

Euronutra’s team are proud to say that with the recent certification of Euronutra, Euronutra’s facilities are now ISO 9001:2008 AND ISO 140001:2004 certified.


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