New partership for clinical trials with the Biomedical Institute of Research of Malaga (IBIMA)

Malaga, June 2014

Euronutra has reached an agreement with the Biomedical Institute of Research of Málaga (IBIMA) through the partnership between PTA and IBIMA.
IBIMA consists of 47 multidisciplinary research groups, mainly from hospitals in Málaga, besides the University of Málaga, and primary care.
During the presentation, José Luis Ruiz Mirror reported that the implementation of this catalog is part of the collaboration agreement signed between the Institute of Biomedical Research Málaga (IBIMA) and the Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA), which is an unprecedented agreement for development and innovation in biomedical and technological matters “and it helps to encourage research of excellence in the province of Malaga.”
“With this agreement and these initiatives we will seek a clear objective, to help encourage research of excellence in the province of Málaga, to get the name of Malaga associated with the biomedical research”, indicated PTA’s president.
Also, Ruiz Espejo noted that from the regional government there is a clear commitment to strengthening research as a key element of the production model, “a development strategy research focused on improving the health and welfare of the citizens through the generation of knowledge and development of products, services and processes that improve the health and social care”. By 2014, the Andalusian plan to spend 66.6 million euros on health research in the autonomous community.


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