LAUNCHING CAROMAX SYRUP F+G as a natural sweetener

Euronutra is very pleased to announce the global launch of Caromax syrup F+G in the food and nutrition industries.

Caromax syryp F+G is a natural sweetener specially designed for the necesites of the Food & Beverages sector which colour and flavour is a key question.

This natural sweetener has been developed from the soluble component extracted from carob (Ceratonia siliqua), using Euronutra’s propietary technology and has several proven health benefits. This natural sweetener can be used in high quality food and beverages products and human/animal pharmaceutical products.


Caromax syrup F+G is a unique natural food ingredient developed by euronutra, and exclusively compounded by soluble carbohydrates and poliols from carob. The process to extract this unique food ingredient is made without the use of any enzymatic nor chemical processes in its production.

In-vivo trial developed by Euronutra in collaboration with IBIMA foundation has shown a significant low glycaemic index and low insulinemic index as well contributing to balance the level of insulin. Caromax syrup F+G as a natural sweetener can be used in many food applications.

“In the rapidly changing world of specialized food ingredients, functional foods and nutraceuticals, leading companies must constantly develop or access new highly functional material to offer increased value to their customers world-wide. We see this strategic launch as an important step to develop significant new high-value applications. This new launch supports our strategy to expand our business into the area of healthy foodstuffs and dietary fibers and complements our recently launched healthy insoluble fiber, Caromax fiber,” said Mr. Sanjuan, CEO of Euronutra.


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