Inositol is a nutrient that is found in a large amount of food such as vegetables, milk, meat, specially liver and viscera, legums, beans, cereals and nuts. It is produced naturally by our body and it plays a major role in the signal transmission for many neurotransmitters and hormones. It is important for regulating serotonins and insulin and breaking down fats and reducing blood cholesterol.

While inositol is a natural compound, the methods by which we can obtain commercial quantities of inositol are synthetic.

Inositol is actually an isomer of naturally occurring glucose. It exists in nine possible stereoisomers, being the most common and extended one myo-inositol. Other isomers are scyllo-, muco-, D-chiro-, y neo-inositol. Another possible isomers are L-chiro-, allo, epi- y cis-inositol.

D-chiro-Inositol (commonly abbreviated DCI) is known to be an important secondary messenger in insulin signal transduction.

There are several scientific evidences supporting that the real effective isomer is D-Chiro-Inositol due to that the body makes D-chiro-Inositol from other inositols (for example, myo-Inositol).

In the case of a person unable to convert Myo-inosiotol or any other inositol to DCI the only possible benefit would be the intake of a DCI supplement.

Euronutra is manufacturer of the unique really active inositol D-Chiro-Inositol. The starting material for the production of Euronutra D-Chiro-Inositol is D-Pinitol which is isolated from carob pods by Euronutra’s propietary technology. Afterwards D-pinitol is demethylated by either chemical methods, or, in the case of natural DCI, by an enzymatic process.

Euronutra’s production processes ascertain highest purity and consistency quality.

Different research have shown that D-Chiro-Inositol (DCI) is the only isomer effective in the treatment of PCOSD-Chiro-Inositol is an insulin sensitizer, meaning that it helps to restore the normal levels of insulin in the blood. Insulin communicates with the cells through DCI.

DCI has shown to work for women affected by PCOS who have insulin resistance. Some of the positive changes that women affected by PCOS have noticed after taking DCI are: increase in the energy level, stabilization of moods, restoration of menses/ovulation, loss of weight, specially from the mid section and reduction in acne.

The length of time needed to start feeling these improvement can vary depending on the woman. Every body is different so when for some women only a few days are necessary for others, weeks will be needed to start noticing changes.

As DCI manufacturer we are glad of the success of it in the treatment of PCOS. If you would like to know more about this subject, you can at PubMed, an online library with more than 24 millions of scientific articles, where the following article is available “Evaluation of ovarian function and metabolic factors in women affected by polycystic ovary syndrome after treatment with D-Chiro-Inositol” by Laganà AS, Barbaro L, Pizzo A. (Department of Pediatric Gynecological, Microbiological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Messina, Via C. Valeria 1, 98125, Messina, Italy)


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